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Teepee Cabanas

Teepee Cabanas


Elevate your next pool party with Slumberr’s Teepee Cabanas, designed to offer both style and comfort. These striking cabanas not only provide shade but also enhance the atmosphere with their vibrant colors and festive vibe. Each cabana set includes a unique pool float that guests can take home, a beach towel, a tray, a decorative garland, and additional decorations, creating the perfect relaxation spot. With everything you need to relax in style, these Teepee Cabanas add a touch of luxury to any outdoor gathering.


Transform your poolside gathering into an unforgettable oasis with Slumberr’s Teepee Cabanas, the ultimate in luxury and style for any outdoor celebration. These distinctive cabanas are not just a source of shade but a centerpiece that commands attention with their vibrant colors and unique design. Designed to ensure your guests experience the pinnacle of relaxation and enjoyment, each cabana is accompanied by a pool float, which becomes a special keepsake for your guests, a plush beach towel, a handy tray for refreshments, and a decorative garland to set the mood. Ideal for adding a touch of elegance and festive flair to your event, our Teepee Cabanas promise to elevate the ambiance and provide an exclusive, comfortable retreat for your guests.

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Teepee Cabanas

4 Cabanas, 6 Cabanas, 10 Cabanas