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Lakeland Party Rentals

Welcome to Lakeland’s, your ultimate destination for unforgettable party experiences! Whether it’s a vibrant birthday celebration or a snug sleepover, we’ve got everything you need to turn your event into a memorable affair!

Sleepover Tent Rentals in lAKELAND

Experience the thrill of a sleepover like never before! Transform your cozy living room into a whimsical wonderland with our Teepee party rentals. Get ready to illuminate the fairy lights and set off on a memorable escapade brimming with joy and giggles!

Teepee Party bundle

Elevate your Lakeland, FL living space into a realm of enchantment by organizing the ultimate teepee sleepover extravaganza. Our teepee tent rentals offer an unparalleled and unforgettable experience for both children and adults. Opting for a teepee sleepover infuses your celebration with a magical atmosphere, bringing an element of adventure right into your living room. Perfect for birthday celebrations, a cozy girls’ night, or a special family get-together, our teepee rentals promise to transform your event into an extraordinary affair. Prepare to take your celebration to new heights and revel in the snug, starlit charm of a teepee sleepover. Make your upcoming occasion stand out with our enchanting teepee rentals.

Outdoor Glamping in Lakeland

Immerse yourself in upscale outdoor escapades with our Lakeland Glamping experience! Ideal for families, Slumberr’s glamping adventure melds the excitement of traditional camping with the conveniences of modern living, crafting unforgettable moments beneath the stars of Florida.

Outdoor Glamping Package

Looking to elevate your outdoor event with a dash of elegance? Our Bell Tent rentals offer the perfect solution! These roomy and chic tents are ideal for setting a distinctive party vibe, whether in a picturesque garden, on a serene beach, or right in your backyard. Prepare to dazzle your guests!

Slime Party in Lakeland

Introducing the Ultimate Hosted Slime Party Package by Slumberr! Turn any event into a colorful, sticky journey of excitement, offering boundless enjoyment for kids and a stress-free experience for parents. This package is the ideal mix of captivating fun and easygoing party planning, crafted to forge unforgettable moments for your child and their pals.

Hosted Slime Party Package

Elevate your outdoor gathering with an air of refinement through our Bell Tent rentals! With their ample space and elegant design, these tents are the perfect addition for crafting an exclusive party ambiance, whether it’s set in a quaint garden, on a tranquil sandy beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard. Prepare to leave your guests in awe!

Build A Bear Party in Lakeland

Recall the delight of creating your first Build-A-Bear? Now, your children can experience the same joy with a Build-A-Bear Party in Lakeland by Slumberr! We deliver the enchantment of crafting a new plush companion right to your home, providing a memorable, interactive experience that ignites creativity and gifts each child with a cherished memento.

Hosted Build A Bear Party

Transform your upcoming event into a memorable celebration with a Hosted Build-A-Bear Party by Slumberr! Immerse your guests in the joy of designing their own teddy bears, offering a deeply touching experience that children will treasure well beyond the conclusion of the festivities. The party features the following:

Outdoor Movie in Lakeland

Illuminate your evening with an Outdoor Movie experience in Lakeland, brought to you by Slumberr! Convert your backyard into a movie lover’s dream, creating a space where families can snuggle beneath the stars and delight in their beloved movies in the supreme outdoor ambiance.

Outdoor movie Package

An outdoor movie party in your backyard weaves the enchantment of cinema with the coziness of home under a canopy of stars. As dusk settles and a projector lights up a screen, your garden transforms into an intimate setting for adventure, laughter, and connection. It’s a space where every film transcends the screen, inviting shared moments and memories among blankets and the soft glow of string lights. More than a movie night, it’s an experience that brings stories to life, drawing friends and family closer in the embrace of nature’s theater. Here, cinema and starlight mingle, crafting unforgettable evenings where stories, both on screen and off, illuminate the night.

Ultimate Party

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