Looking for ‘teepee rentals near me?’ Allow Slumberr the sleepy teepee party to take your birthday to the next level. We’ll create memories for you and your kids with custom-themed teepees and more. 

We travel to you and set up the teepee rentals! We’re actively booking (but not limited to) parties in these surrounding areas!

Cocoa Beach, Orlando, St. Pete Beach, Tampa, Lakeland, Florida.
Ask us if we serve your area!

Pricing Plan

Below is a general outline of each package as well as what each package includes.
Additional Teepee setups are $60.

BFF Party

2 Complete Tent Sets
$ 120
  • 2 Teepees
  • 2 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 2 Blankets & Pillows
  • 2 Garlands
  • 2 Fairy Lights
  • 2 Bed Trays
  • 2 Sleep Masks

Friendship Pack

3 Complete Tent Sets
$ 180
  • 3 Teepees
  • 3 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 3 Blankets & Pillows
  • 3 Garlands
  • 3 Fairy Lights
  • 3 Bed Trays
  • 3 Sleep Masks

Glam Party

4 Complete Tent Sets
$ 240
  • 4 Teepees
  • 4 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 4 Blankets & Pillows
  • 4 Garlands
  • 4 Fairy Lights
  • 4 Bed Trays
  • 4 Sleep Masks

Party of 5

5 Complete Tent Sets
$ 300
  • 5 Teepees
  • 5 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 5 Blankets & Pillows
  • 5 Garlands
  • 5 Fairy Lights
  • 5 Bed Trays
  • 5 Sleep Masks

Ultimate Party

10 Complete Tent Sets
$ 600
  • 10 Teepees
  • 10 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 10 Blankets & Pillows
  • 10 Garlands
  • 10 Fairy Lights
  • 10 Bed Trays
  • 10 Sleep Masks


Find Your Amazing Party

Have an idea that’s not on our website? Don’t forget that we also do custom themes!
Just mention a specific theme when booking.

Glow Party

Time to Glow up & shine with this Glow Party! Add our extra black light for a really Glowing party!

Tik Tok Party

Have girls that are obsessed with Tik-Tok?! Whether they just want a Tik-Tok party or just want to make Tik-Tok videos all night, this theme is perfect for you.​

Mermaid Party

Tails of this perfect birthday will be the talk of all your mer-friends after having a sea of a time with our mermaid theme.

Glam Theme

Want a simple but Glam style theme? This theme is perfect for a elegant yet simple perfect party!


Foam machine party rental Lakeland, FL

Foam Machine Rental

Wanna have some fun outside add our foam machine to your party. Cleans up easily and is a huge hit at birthday parties!

Bead jewelry making

Jewelry Making Kits

Who doesn't loving making jewelry. From necklaces to bracelets we offer a jewelry kit based on the age and theme that is a perfect add on to your slumber party.

Spa Goodies

Lets turn your sleep over party into a spa day! Enjoy a basket of goodies to make a at home spa at your slumber party. This includes Face Mask Nail file Toe separator Colored Hair Extensions Nail Stickers Nail Polish

family celebrating Christmas

Mini Projector

Most of the time our Tee Pee set-ups don't fit in the living room. So why not bring the movies to the teepee party? Rent our Mini projector to watch some of your favorite shows while enjoying your teepee. A 170-inch large projection screen brings an immersive viewing experience. It allows you to enjoy the happy home theater time.

Matching Robes

Matching robes for you in your birthday squad. You can customize the phrase on the back of the robes for your party.
(You keep the robes)

Colorful neon glow sticks

Glow Party Bundle

Turn your party up by adding our glow Party bundle. Includes Glowsticks Bundle Black Light Rental Neon Ballons

Still Need More Info?

Slumberr makes hosting a party hassle and stress-free. We set up, style, and then collect our stuff the next day. Slumberr will take your child’s sleepover to the next level and make it Instagram-worthy. Simply choose your package to pair with our cute teepees and we will take care of the rest. Every detail of our Sleepover Slumber Parties creates a Magical Slumber.

How To Begin

Select a date on the calendar.  Then click Book Appointment.
*Note~ You will let us know what time to drop off and pick up later

We’ll need your name, your child’s name and their birthday.
This is for any extras that you may want.

The theme of your party is completely up to you and your children. You can head over to our Party Ideas Page for party ideas!


The party itself will make the parents wish they’d stayed… Adding a foam machine or blacklights to the party will have the kids, parents, and neighbors talking about your child’s party!

We are a one-of-a-kind birthday party company!
We’ve got the skills to create beautifully designed birthday cards, flyers, digital birthday invitations, and party videos with the pictures that you’ve taken during the party! 

After choosing all your party needs, finish booking your birthday party by using our safe and secure checkout!

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Our Pre-party options

Ask about our pre-party accessories and invitations!

Custom Card Invitations

Need Birthday Invitations? We will custom tailor your cards so that you put out the message with glamor and style!

Choose Your Decor

Having a custom slumber party is a lot of fun. Options like choosing your own decor can fine tune the party.

What's Your Theme?

Choose from one of our themes or come up with your own and leave it to us to follow through! Be sure to check out our party ideas page to get great party ideas!

We'll Make Your Cake

We're currently seeking a cake magician. Not really, we're actually looking for someone to make amazing cakes! Know someone? Send us a message!

Our Testimonials

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