Party Themes

Choose from one of our party ideas or present your own custom theme!

Dinosaur Party

Have a roaring time with a dino-packed theme! Dinosaur lighting and other carnivorous items!

Unicorn Party

Immerse yourself in a pink fluffy wonderland of a magical unicorn theme teepee party. It's so fluffy!!

Holiday Party

Why not celebrate a holiday coming up. Or maybe your birthday is so close you wanted a holiday theme party!

Glow Party

Time to Glow up & shine with this Glow Party! Add our extra black light for a really Glowing party!

Dance Party

A perfect theme for your little dancer and her squad!

Mermaid Party

Tails of this perfect birthday will be the talk of all your mer-friends after having a sea of a time with our mermaid theme.

Simple Party

One of your friends or loved ones really impressing you lately? Throw a kids party to celebrate their achievements!

Park Party

Lets take up a section of the park and throw an amazing party!!! Don't forget your party addons!

Color Party

Get pink this and pink that.
Don't forget your pink party hat!

Baby Party

Get all your babies together and throw a baby banger! Ask us about cakes or other special party addons to make your baby party one of a kind!

Family Party

Party with mom & dad!
It doesn't have to be a special occasion to shake your tail feather!

Halloween Party

Put your best ghoul costume to the test! Get with us for the perfect halloween theme for your family and/or friends!

Other Theme Ideas

Still can’t decide which party theme to throw? Check out our party ideas page or look over our list of different party topics below!

Party Game Option

Looking for things to do during the party? Try some of our party ideas mentioned below!

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