A bell tent rented out for a birthday party lined up with purple and black balloons
Outdoor Tents
Black lights lighting up teepees and glow in the dark decorations.
Teepee Rentals
Luxury picnic in Florida
Luxury Picnics
Open air cinema party
Outdoor Movies
Slime Tables
Build A Bestie
Build-A-Bear Table

Birthday Party Themes!

                                             Don’t see a theme you want? Don’t worry contact us and we can make a custom make one for you! 

Football Party

Dinosaur Party

Glow Party

Glow in the dark Slumber Party theme

Unicorn Glow Party

Christmas themed teepee tents with Santa and elf pillows.

Christmas Squishmellow Party

5 teepees set up inside a living room with squishmellows and party trays.

Squishmellow Party

Grinch Party

Hocus Pocus Party

Chill Tent Party

Boho feather Party

Glow In the Dark Lol Surprise Theme

Wednesday Adams Party

Football Party


Space Theme

Pink Theme

Tropical Blast

Boho white chill tENT

Unicorn Party

Paris Party

Camping Party

boho rainbow theme girl standing on rug between slumberr the sleepy teepee party

Boho Rainbow Party


Llama Party

Stranger things glamp camping theme in Florida set up with red and black decorations and an adult sized Demogorgon next to it.

Stranger Things Party

Stranger Things Party

Vampire Diaries Party

Pink & Grey Party

Glow in the dark party. Multiple teepees lined up next to each other decorated with glow in the dark decorations.

Gamer Party

Dance decorations strung up at a slumber party in a room full of teepees.

Dance Party

Movie Night Party

Sanrio Theme

Holiday Theme

Slumberr Party with small teepees and fairy light decorations

chill vibes Theme

Mine Craft Party

Purple and blue mermaid themed teepees with table trays and mattresses

Mermaid Party

Tik Tok Teepee Rental Theme

Tik tOK Party

Sparky Teepee Party

Nightmare before Christmas Party

Craft Party

Boho Tent Party

Glam Party

Dream Catcher

Disney princess Party

harry potter Party


Preppy Theme