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Sarasota Party Rentals

Step right into the ultimate destination for creating unforgettable party memories in Sarasota! Whether you’re after a vibrant birthday celebration or a cozy sleepover, we’ve got everything required to turn your gathering into a truly memorable affair!

Sleepover Tent Rentals in Sarasota

Experience a magical metamorphosis of your home into a whimsical wonderland with our Teepee party rentals, elevating sleepovers from ordinary to extraordinary. Prepare to light up the fairy lights and embark on an exciting adventure brimming with joy and laughter!

Teepee Party bundle

Turn your place into a magical teepee wonderland, where each cozy tent is a spot for laughs, stories, and dreams. Fairy lights make everything sparkle, creating a magical mood for a night of fun and friendship. With soft pillows, warm blankets, and fun activities, we build a playful world that inspires creativity and joy. This isn’t just a sleepover; it’s an amazing adventure under a starlit sky, where every moment is magical, and each teepee invites you into a world of dreams. Join us for a special journey that transforms an ordinary night into an unforgettable adventure.

Outdoor Glamping in Sarasota

Experience the epitome of luxurious outdoor adventures at Slumberr’s Glamping in Sarasota, FL! Tailored for families in pursuit of thrilling escapades intertwined with a hint of luxury, our glamping retreat seamlessly combines the thrill of camping with the conveniences of home. Delight in indelible moments beneath the expansive Florida heavens, where enchantment harmonizes with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Outdoor Glamping Package

Looking to elevate the elegance of your outdoor event? Look no further than our Bell Tent rentals! These chic and spacious tents are the perfect choice to set a distinctive atmosphere for your celebration, whether it’s nestled in a charming garden, on a serene beach, or right in your own backyard. Prepare to amaze your guests with style!

Slime Party in Sarasota

Introducing the Deluxe Hosted Slime Party Package by Slumberr! Turn any occasion into a lively and slime-filled journey, offering endless entertainment while putting parents’ worries at ease. This package offers a harmonious mix of interactive activities and efficient party planning, aimed at crafting unforgettable moments for your child and their pals.

Hosted Slime Party Package

Get ready for a slime-filled blast with our Mobile Slime Party! Perfect for kids and kids at heart, we bring the slime party fun right to you. Participants can mix their own slime with a variety of colors, glitter, and extras, learning cool science facts along the way. Our slime experts take care of everything from setup to cleanup, letting imaginations soar with endless customization. But it’s not just about making slime—we keep the excitement going with interactive slime games and activities. Turn any event into a memorable, gooey celebration with our Mobile Slime Party, leaving every guest with a unique creation and joyful memories.

Build A Bear Party in Sarasota

Indulge in the delight of assembling an adorable companion for your kids at a Build-A-Bear Party in Sarasota, FL, presented by Slumberr! Rekindle the excitement of crafting your initial plush buddy as we transport the enchantment of forming a fresh furry friend right to your home. This interactive and stimulating experience ignites creativity and gifts every child with a unique memento to cherish.

Hosted Build A Bear Party

Transform your upcoming gathering into an unforgettable affair with a Build-A-Bear Party arranged by Slumberr! Dive into the joy of customizing cuddly bears, crafting enduring moments that kids will treasure well beyond the event’s conclusion. This package comprises the subsequent elements:

Outdoor Movie in Sarasota

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of an open-air movie night in Sarasota, FL courtesy of Slumberr! Transform your own backyard into a cinematic paradise, ideal for families to cozy up beneath the twinkling sky and enjoy their favorite movies in a special outdoor setting.

Outdoor movie Package

Turn your own backyard into a magical open-air theater, merging the enchantment of films with the coziness of home under a starlit sky. As dusk falls and a screen lights up with a projector, your yard is transformed into an intimate setting for bonding, joy, and togetherness. It becomes a space where movies transcend their boundaries, fostering shared moments and memories amid blankets and the soft glow of string lights. More than just a movie night, this is an immersive experience that brings stories to life, uniting friends and family in the embrace of nature’s own theater. Here, films and stars blend together, crafting evenings to treasure, where narratives – be it on the screen or narrated aloud – illuminate the late hours.

Ultimate Party

Explore our extensive selection of party must-haves and extra delights to ensure an unforgettable party celebration!

Hosted Events

Experience a stress-free event hosting with our dedicated party hosting services designed to guarantee your complete peace of mind.

Travel Fee

Travel fee is not applicable if you are located within a 20-mile radius of Winter Haven. However, please note that a $200 travel fee applies to areas around Sarasota.

Party Rentals

Explore our wide range of rental options and party themes available for your selection.