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Build A Bear Party​​

Slumberr is guaranteed to be the solution for all your party needs in Florida. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality rental items, from tables and chairs to tents and lighting, perfect for any event, be it a small family gathering or a large corporate function. Our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories. With our wide selection of party supplies, professional service, and affordable rental solutions, we make party planning a breeze.

Whether you’re planning a birthday, a wedding, or any celebration, Slumberr is committed to making your event a success.

Build A Bear At Your Party

Do you want to make your child’s birthday party even more special and memorable? If so, then throwing a Build-A-Bear-Party is just the thing you need! Your child and their guests will be able to customize their own stuffed animal and have a unique and fun experience that they won’t soon forget. We have a wide selection of plush animals to choose from. Each plush comes with a shirt to decorate along with a wishing star and birth certificate.  

What's included in A Build-A-Bear-Party?

Not sure what you need for your event? Our experienced event planning team is here to help. We can guide you through the selection process, helping you choose the rental items that best fit your event’s theme and budget. With our expert assistance, planning your event becomes a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Why Choose Our Build A Bear Parties?

Engaging Activities and Memorable Experiences

When it comes to children’s parties, our Build A Bear Parties stand out from the rest. With a focus on engaging activities and creating memorable experiences, we ensure that every child has a fantastic time. From choosing their favorite furry friend to customizing it with accessories, our parties are filled with laughter, creativity, and joy.

Step-by-Step Fun for Kids

Our interactive Bear-Building Workshop is the highlight of our Build A Bear Parties. Kids get to participate in a step-by-step process of bringing their stuffed animals to life. From selecting the perfect bear to stuffing it with love and adding a personalized touch, our expert party hosts guide children through an exciting journey of creativity and imagination.

Professional Party Hosts

Our Build A Bear Parties are led by a team of professional party hosts who are passionate about creating a fun and friendly atmosphere for children. With their enthusiasm and expertise, our hosts ensure that every child feels special and engaged throughout the party. You can trust our dedicated team to deliver an exceptional celebration that leaves everyone with smiles on their faces.

Build A Bear Themes

Personalized teepee Parties for Every Child

At our Build A Bear Party service, we offer a range of themed party packages to suit every child’s interest and preferences. Whether your little one is a superhero enthusiast, princess lover, or animal admirer, we have a party theme that will make their dreams come true. Each package is thoughtfully designed to provide a personalized experience that reflects the uniqueness of your child.

Besties Pack

For 3 children
$ 120
  • 3 Stuff animals
  • 3 wishing stars
  • 3 plush t- shirts
  • 3 Birth Certificate
  • Table/chairs
  • set up / clean up
  • Fabric Markers
  • Stuffing

6 Pack

For 6 children
$ 240
  • 6 Stuff Animals
  • 6 Wishing Stars
  • 6 Plush t-shirts
  • 6 Birth Certificate
  • Fabric Markers
  • Set up/ clean up
  • Table/ Chairs
  • Stuffing

Party Of 8

For 8 children
$ 320
  • 8 Stuff animals
  • 8 wishing stars
  • 8 plush t-shirts
  • 8 Birth Certificate
  • Fabric Markers
  • Stuffing
  • Set up/ Clean up
  • Table/Chairs

Ultimate Party

For 10 children
$ 400
  • 10 Stuff animals
  • 10 Wishing stars
  • 10 plush t-shirts
  • 10 Birth Certificate
  • Stuffing
  • Set up/Clean up
  • Table / Chairs
  • Fabric Markers

Plush Animals To Choose From

Are you on the hunt for a specific plush animal for your party, but can’t seem to find it anywhere? No worries! We’ve got your back and we’re totally up for the challenge of helping you track down that special furry friend. We know that every party deserves the perfect party favors, and we won’t rest until we’ve found the ideal plush animal to match your theme. So don’t hesitate to drop us a line and tell us all about your dream plushie. We’re ready and excited to help make your party extra special with our wide range of plush animals – and if we don’t have what you need, we’ll do our best to find it for you!

Total Coverage

Count on us for all your party needs and delightful extras to make sure your event is a blast, no matter the number of children attending. We've got you covered!

We Provide RSVP!

Craft your personalized event or birthday party page right on our website! Take advantage of our cost-effective invitation system for a precise headcount of your guests!

Free Travel

At our company, we're the exception! No travel fee within 20 miles of Winter Haven. Put your savings to work for an even more spectacular party!

Hosted Events

Experience our one-of-a-kind hosted party services, allowing you to unwind while the kids have a blast with our offerings at your event!