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Flower Pot Party Rental

At Slumberr, we specialize in bringing a burst of creativity and nature to your child’s party with our Flower Potting and Painting Party package. This hands-on experience is perfect for little crafters who love to explore, create, and get a bit of dirt under their nails!

Slumber Party Flower Potting Painting Party

What is a Flower Potting Painting Party?

The Flower Potting and Painting Party is an ideal choice for entertaining kids at your next event, blending the excitement of art with the joys of gardening. This unique activity offers a hands-on, creative experience where children can express their individuality by painting and decorating flower pots. Following the artistic fun, they delve into the world of gardening, potting their own flowers, which not only introduces them to basic plant care but also imparts valuable lessons about nature. The all-inclusive package, providing pots, paints, soil, and a variety of flowers, ensures a hassle-free experience for organizers. Designed to be mess-free, with protective Smocks or aprons provided, it allows kids to fully engage in the fun without worries. Each child leaves with a personalized, potted flower, a lasting memento of the event. Suitable for a wide age range and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings, this party theme is not only enjoyable but also educational, fostering a connection with nature. Moreover, its customizable elements make it a perfect fit for any party theme, adding a green and creative touch to your celebration. The Flower Potting and Painting Party is more than just a party activity; it’s an opportunity for kids to learn, create, and cherish, making it an exceptional choice for an unforgettable and meaningful celebration

Our Flower Potting and Painting Party Package Includes:

  • All-Inclusive Supplies: We provide everything needed for this blooming adventure – soil, an array of beautiful flowers, pots, and painting materials. Your little crafters will have everything at their fingertips to create a potted masterpiece.

  • Expert Guidance and Fun Learning: Our party host(s) are not just supervisors; they are enthusiastic guides in this creative journey. They’ll teach the kids the basics of potting flowers and the art of pot painting, making it an educational yet fun experience.

  • Customizable To-Go Kits: Interested in a DIY experience at home? Our to-go kits are perfect for that! They include all the necessary materials for a flower potting and painting adventure. Message us for more details!

  • Duration and Pricing: Contact us for pricing details. The party lasts for 1.5 hours, packed with fun and creativity.

  • For Every Little Crafter: Each child gets to pot and paint their own flower pot, taking home not just a craft, but a living piece of art.

  • Mess-Free Fun: We provide Smocks to keep the little crafters clean while they delve into their creative potting and painting.

  • Extra Sparkle with Glitter Tattoos: To add more excitement, we include glitter tattoos in the package, making the party experience even more memorable.

Why Choose Slumberr Party Teepee Rentals?

    1. Educational and Fun: This party is not just about fun; it’s a learning experience where children can understand the basics of planting and nurturing a flower, along with expressing their creativity through painting.

    2. A Green Thumb Start: It’s a great way to introduce children to gardening and the joys of growing their own plants.

    3. Personalized Takeaways: Each child takes home their potted and painted flower, a lasting reminder of the fun and learning.

    4. Stress-Free for Parents: We handle everything from setup to cleanup, making it a hassle-free experience for parents.

    5. Perfect for Various Occasions: Ideal for birthdays, educational events, or just a fun day with friends, our package is versatile and loved by kids.

    6. Wide Service Area: They serve multiple areas in Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland, with no travel fee within 20 miles of Winter Haven, FL.


  1. Book Your Flower Potting and Painting Party Today!

    Ready to plant the seeds of creativity and fun at your child’s next party? Contact Slumberr today to book this unique and engaging experience. Let’s make your child’s party bloom with joy and creativity!

Slumberr’s Flower Potting and Painting Party: Where Creativity Blooms

The Flower Potting and Painting Party is an exceptional and engaging way to entertain kids at your next event, be it a birthday party, a family gathering, or a school function. This unique party concept combines the joys of gardening with the creativity of art, offering a wholesome and enjoyable experience for children of all ages.


Party of 5

5 Kids
$ 165

Party of 10

10 Kids
$ 330

Party of 15

15 Kids
$ 495