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Canopy Sleepover

Canopy Sleepover


The Canopy Sleepover not only elevates the traditional sleepover but transforms it into a luxurious retreat. By infusing the setup with an array of colorful cushions and pillows, it turns any space into a haven of comfort and warmth. This unique experience is designed to foster unforgettable moments among friends and family, making every gathering a special occasion. Enhanced with an inviting ambiance, the Canopy Sleepover promises laughter, stories, and bonding in an exquisitely cozy setting, making every moment spent together memorable.

(Size & Space) Space for 6 is wide 11 ft wide by 12.5 ft in length Space for 8 is 13′ deep x 32′ wide

What’s included in each set? Canopy Mattress Sheets & Blanket Tray Lantern Decorative Garland/ Fairy lights Decorative pillow Guests bring their own sleeping pillow for hygiene reasons A pink and blue canopy bed adds a touch of glamping luxury to a living room.


Canopy Sleepover

Slumberr’s Luxury Canopy Tent transforms sleepovers with its spacious and durable design, offering options for 6 or 8 guests. It includes a waterproof canopy, mattress, sheets, blanket, tray, lantern, decorative garland or fairy lights, and pillows, excluding sleeping pillows for hygiene. The tent features exciting extras like a cotton candy or karaoke machine and blacklights for an unforgettable experience. Tested for quality and durability, it brings a touch of glamping luxury into your home, making your sleepover the highlight of social gatherings.

Expanding the Canopy Sleepover into a grand adventure, it serves as more than just a sleepover spot—it’s a catalyst for creating lasting memories. With each cushion and pillow adding to the vibrant, welcoming setting, it becomes the perfect backdrop for sharing stories, enjoying games, and savoring moments of laughter. This immersive experience is designed not just for rest, but for fostering deeper connections and sparking joy among those gathered under its cozy embrace, turning simple nights into treasured experiences that linger long after the sun rises.


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