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Painting Party

Painting Party


Unleash your child’s artistic spirit with a unique painting party! Guests will love exploring their creativity by painting on their choice of a custom-themed or blank canvas, a ceramic piece, or even a “drip bear” – a poseable vinyl bear that becomes a marble masterpiece with an acrylic paint dump. The package includes everything needed for 1.5 hours of artistic fun: 1-2 party hosts, smocks, tables, chairs, setup/cleanup, a canvas/ceramic piece or Drip Bear, and all painting supplies along with a bottle of Juice and cups to sip and paint  OR choose a Flower Potting party combines art and gardening, allowing kids to paint, decorate flower pots, and then plant their own flowers. It’s a creative and educational experience that teaches children about nature and plant care. The package includes all necessary supplies—pots, paints, soil, flowers, and smocks—making it a mess-free and memorable addition to any party theme, connecting kids with nature creatively.


Ignite your child’s creativity with an extraordinary painting party that offers an array of artistic activities! This event allows young guests to dive into their imaginative worlds by selecting from a variety of painting options, including custom-themed or blank canvases, captivating ceramic pieces, or the innovative “drip bear” – a vinyl bear that transforms into a vibrant, marbled artwork through an acrylic paint pour. Beyond painting, we’ve expanded our offerings to include the Flower Potting and Painting Party, a perfect blend of artistry and gardening. Children will relish the opportunity to paint and personalize flower pots before planting their flowers, providing a hands-on lesson in nature and plant care. Each package is comprehensive, covering 1.5 hours of creative play, and includes professional party hosts, protective smocks, setup and cleanup, and all the necessary materials for either painting or potting. These parties are designed to be mess-free, educational, and adaptable to any party theme, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience that connects children with the beauty of art and nature. Our Painting party also includes a bottle of Juice and cups to sip and paint, (not included with Flower Potting Party.)


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Painting Party

Drip Bear, Ceramic & Canvas, Flower Painting Party

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5 Kids, 8 Kids, 10 Kids, 17Kids