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Play-Doh Sensory Table

Play-Doh Sensory Table


Our Play-Doh sensory table package offers an enriching play experience, complete with a table, chairs, and a dedicated party host for supervision and fun. Each child receives 2 packs of Play-Doh, theme-based figures, trinkets for added creativity, rollers, and various Play-Doh tools to sculpt and shape their ideas. The package is topped off with an sensory tray, perfect for showcasing their creations. This comprehensive setup encourages imaginative play and sensory development, making it an ideal addition to any child-centered event.


A Play-Doh sensory table is a hands-on play station designed to engage children’s senses and enhance their fine motor skills. It typically includes various colors of Play-Doh and an assortment of tools like cutters, rollers, and molds. This setup encourages creativity and imaginative play by allowing kids to sculpt, cut, and mold the dough into various shapes and figures. It’s especially beneficial for sensory development and can be used in educational or home settings to provide a fun, tactile experience for children.

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