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Crafty Onesie Painting Party for Your Baby Shower

Crafty Onesie Painting Party for Your Baby Shower


Crafty Onesie Painting Party for Your Baby Shower

Host a delightful Baby Shower Painting Party where guests can creatively paint a onesie for the newest family member! This engaging activity offers a unique twist to your celebration. You can choose from a variety of plain onesies to express your artistic flair or select a pre-designed image to paint over, including adorable baby animals and more. We provide all the necessary materials and handle the setup and cleanup at your chosen location or venue. This trendy and fun activity is a perfect way to celebrate your new arrival with friends and family.


Welcome to the Crafty Onesie Painting Party鈥攁 unique and memorable way to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy! This baby shower activity not only adds a splash of creativity to your party but also gives your guests a chance to make something special for your baby.

Why Choose a Onesie Painting Party?

  • Personal Touch: Each guest can add a personal touch to their creation, making it a heartfelt gift for your little one.
  • Fun and Interactive: It’s a great way to engage your guests and make everyone feel part of the celebration.
  • A Keepsake: Each painted onesie becomes a cherished keepsake that you can treasure as your baby grows.
  • Add Our Champagne or Snack Cart: We offer a discount when booking a party with us!

How It Works:

  1. Setup: We arrive at your venue and set up the painting station with all the necessary supplies鈥攐nesies, paints, brushes, table and seating
  2. Painting Time: Guests can choose to freestyle their designs or use one of our pre-sublimated images, such as cute animals or playful patterns.
  3. Photo Op: Once everyone鈥檚 done, it鈥檚 time for a photo session with all the colorful creations, making for a perfect party highlight.
  4. Clean Up: After the fun, we鈥檒l take care of the tear down, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your party worry-free.

Customize Your Experience:

Want to add a theme to your party? Let us know! We can tailor the onesie designs and paint colors to match your baby shower theme, making the event truly unique.

Get ready to make memories, unleash creativity, and celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one with our Crafty Onesie Painting Party! Perfect for family, friends, and of course, the parents-to-be.

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