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Jacksonville Party Rentals

Explore the top spot in Jacksonville, FL, where unforgettable party memories come to life! Whether it’s a lively birthday bash or a relaxed sleepover you seek, we have all the essentials to transform your event into an unforgettable experience!

Sleepover Tent Rentals in Jacksonville

Experience the extraordinary with our Teepee party rentals for sleepovers! Your ordinary living space will be magically turned into a dreamy wonderland. Prepare to light up the fairy lights and immerse yourself in a joyous adventure full of laughter and joy!

Teepee Party bundle

Create a magical teepee village within your living space, where every snug tent becomes a sanctuary for sharing laughter, tales, and aspirations. Illuminated by twinkling fairy lights, the ambiance is imbued with enchantment, paving the way for an evening brimming with camaraderie and amusement. Featuring soft cushions, cozy throws, and specially crafted pastimes, we construct a fanciful realm that fosters innovation and happiness. This is more than just a slumber party; it is a remarkable escapade beneath a starry canopy, where each instant is interwoven with enchantment, and each teepee beckons with the promise of fulfilled dreams. Immerse yourself in a distinctive journey that elevates a regular night into an indelible odyssey.

Outdoor Glamping in JacksonVille

Experience the epitome of outdoor luxury with Slumberr’s Glamping in Jacksonville, FL! Tailored for families in search of adventure and relaxation, our glamping retreat seamlessly combines the thrill of camping with the comforts of home. Delight in cherished memories beneath the expansive Florida sky, where nature intertwines with a touch of enchantment.

Outdoor Glamping Package

Looking to elevate the elegance of your outdoor get-together? Look no further than our Bell Tent rentals! These chic and spacious tents are perfect for setting a distinctive atmosphere for your event, whether it’s nestled in a charming garden, on a peaceful beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard. Prepare to wow your attendees!

Slime Party in Jacksonville

Introducing the Deluxe Hosted Slime Party Package by Slumberr! Turn any occasion into an exciting journey filled with slime, offering endless enjoyment while easing worries for parents. This package offers a harmonious mix of interactive activities and flawless event planning, all crafted to craft enduring recollections for your child and their companions.

Hosted Slime Party Package

Dive into the ultimate slime-fest with our Mobile Slime Party! Perfect for kids and the young at heart, we deliver a complete slime-making bash to you. Kids can craft their own slime with colorful, glittery options, while learning cool science facts. Our experts handle everything, from setup to cleanup, so parents can relax. The fun goes beyond slime with engaging games and activities, ensuring a wildly creative and hassle-free party for everyone.

Build A Bear Party in jacksonville

Host a Build-A-Bear Party right in the heart of Hollywood with Slumberr and delight your kids with the art of crafting their very own cuddly companion! Rekindle the excitement of bringing to life a plush friend as we deliver the enchantment of making a new furry buddy right to your home. This interactive and fun-filled experience ignites creativity and ensures that every child goes home with a precious memento to cherish.

Hosted Build A Bear Party

Transform your upcoming gathering into an unforgettable occasion with a Build-A-Bear Party organized by Slumberr! Dive into the joy of customizing plush bears, crafting enduring moments for kids to treasure well beyond the event finale. The bundle comes with:

Outdoor Movie in Jacksonville

Transform your backyard into a mesmerizing outdoor cinema with Slumberr and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of outdoor movie nights in Jacksonville. Create a captivating setting under the starry sky where families can cozy up and enjoy their favorite films in a distinctive alfresco atmosphere.

Outdoor movie Package

 Turn your outdoor space into a captivating open-air cinema, merging the enchantment of films with the coziness of home under a starry night sky. As dusk falls and a screen is lit up by a projector, your backyard transforms into an intimate setting for bonding, joy, and intimacy. It’s a space where movies transcend their boundaries, fostering shared moments and memories amid blankets and the soft glow of fairy lights. More than just a movie night, it’s an engaging experience that breathes life into stories, bringing friends and family together in the embrace of nature’s theater. Here, films and stars blend together, shaping evenings to treasure, where narratives – be it on the screen or through conversation – illuminate the night.



Ultimate Party

Explore our extensive selection of party must-haves and extra delights to ensure an unforgettable party ambiance!

Hosted Events

Experience a stress-free event hosting with our tailored party hosting solutions designed to guarantee your absolute tranquility.

Travel Fee

The distance between us and Jacksonville is a 3.5-hour drive, which incurs a travel fee of $350 for two trips required for the party.

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