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Stranger Things Party

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Stranger Things Party


Step into the mysterious and thrilling world of Hawkins, Indiana, with our “Stranger Things Party,” a celebration inspired by the hit series that captivated audiences with its blend of supernatural adventures and nostalgic ’80s vibes. This theme is perfect for fans looking to immerse themselves in the intrigue and excitement of the show, offering an engaging experience for an unforgettable birthday bash, a fan gathering, or any special occasion that calls for a journey into the unknown. With themed decor, interactive activities, and an atmosphere that echoes the suspenseful and heartwarming moments of Stranger Things, your party becomes an immersive exploration of the Upside Down and beyond.

For more information and to customize your Stranger Things-themed celebration with our exclusive add-ons, reach out through Slumberr’s online chat or contact us at (863) 430-5070. Let’s venture into the heart of Hawkins for an adventure of a lifetime!


Stranger Things Party

Dive into the enigmatic world of Hawkins, Indiana, with our “Stranger Things Extravaganza,” now featuring an array of captivating add-ons to elevate your themed celebration. This immersive party theme, inspired by the beloved series, combines the supernatural intrigue and nostalgic charm of the ’80s, making it perfect for an unforgettable birthday, a fan gathering, or any special event that calls for a touch of adventure and mystery. With the addition of luxury picnics, spa tables, slime parties, glamping tents, outdoor movies, sand art, Build-A-Bear workshops, and Play-Doh sensory tables, your Stranger Things party transforms into an unforgettable journey through the Upside Down and the heartwarming streets of Hawkins.

A Hawkins Adventure Enhanced with Enchanting Add-Ons:

Hawkins Deluxe Picnic: Enjoy a luxury picnic in the style of a Hawkins community gathering, featuring ’80s-themed decor, gourmet snacks, and a retro soundtrack, creating the perfect setting for fans to dine and discuss their favorite show moments.

Spa Table – The Hawkins Relaxation Zone: Unwind at our spa table, offering Stranger Things-inspired treatments, including “Upside Down” facials and “Eleven’s Telekinetic” massage, blending relaxation with the thrill of the series.

Slime Laboratory Party: Dive into the science of Hawkins National Laboratory with a slime-making station, where guests can create their own gooey concoctions, reminiscent of the mysterious substances from the Upside Down.

Starlight Glamping Tent: Experience the magic of an outdoor movie night in our glamping tents, styled with Stranger Things flair, where guests can watch episodes of the series or themed movies under the stars, complete with cozy bedding and ambient lighting.

Outdoor Movie Night – Hawkins Cinema: Set up an outdoor cinema to screen episodes of Stranger Things or ’80s classics, creating a communal viewing experience that brings the spirit of the series to life.

Sand Art – The Beaches of Hawkins: Get creative with a sand art station, allowing guests to craft their own colorful creations inspired by the visual themes of Stranger Things, from the dark hues of the Upside Down to the vibrant lights of Joyce’s living room.

Build-A-Bear – Hawkins Edition: Let guests create their own cuddly companion at the Build-A-Bear workshop, dressing them in Stranger Things attire, from Hawkins Middle School gym uniforms to a Demogorgon costume.

Play-Doh Sensory Table – Hawkins Play Lab: Engage younger guests with a Play-Doh sensory table, where they can mold and shape their own strange creatures or iconic items from the series, fostering imaginative play and tactile fun.

For All Ages:

  • Bike Rally & Adventure Quest: Inspired by the kids’ quests around Hawkins, organize a bike rally or adventure quest, complete with maps, clues, and Stranger Things-themed challenges.
  • ’80s Karaoke Jam: Host an ’80s karaoke jam, inviting guests to belt out their favorite tunes from the series and the era, enhancing the nostalgic vibe of the party.

Add-Ons for an Extra Layer of Immersion:

  • Themed Photo Booth: Capture the essence of the party with a Stranger Things-themed photo booth, equipped with props and backdrops from the series, ensuring memorable snapshots.
  • Gourmet Hawkins Treats: Delight guests with a selection of gourmet treats inspired by the series, from “Eleven’s Eggo Delights” to “Hopper’s Coffee Brew,” catering to the theme with every bite and sip.

Our “Stranger Things Extravaganza,” enriched with these diverse and engaging add-ons, invites you to a celebration that’s as mysterious and thrilling as it is nostalgically heartwarming. Book now for an event that perfectly blends the supernatural with the spirit of the ’80s.

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