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Dinosaur Party Theme

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Dinosaur Party Theme


Experience prehistoric fun with our Florida Dinosaur Party Theme! Ideal for kids’ parties, corporate events, and get-togethers, featuring interactive games, themed setups, and unique activities. For reservations, use Slumberr’s online chat or call (863) 430-5070. Book your versatile dinosaur event today!


Step back in time with our Florida Dinosaur Party Theme! Tailored for dinosaur lovers of all ages, this package offers a unique blend of prehistoric fun and modern entertainment, ideal for children’s parties, corporate events, and casual get-togethers.

  • Ultimate Party: Transform your venue into a Jurassic playground with our ‘Ultimate Party’ setup, complete with dinosaur-themed decorations and interactive exhibits.
  • Bell Tent & Teepee Rental: Set up adventurous Bell Tents and Teepees, creating immersive spaces for storytelling, relaxation, or team-building activities.
  • Luxury Picnic: Host a ‘Luxury Picnic’ amidst a dinosaur setting, offering a unique dining experience for guests.
  • Interactive Games: Engage guests with dinosaur-themed games like a fossil hunt, dino egg relay races, or a prehistoric trivia challenge.
  • DIY Party Pickup: Customize your event with our DIY Party Pickup, perfect for adding a personal touch to your dinosaur-themed celebration.

For Children’s Parties:

  • Dino Dig: Set up a sandbox for a fun fossil excavation activity.
  • Jurassic Crafts: Organize a craft station for making dinosaur masks or painting dino figurines.

For Corporate Events:

  • Team-Building Challenges: Incorporate team-building exercises like ‘Build-a-Dino’ competitions or ‘Dinosaur Survival’ strategy games.
  • Photo Booth: Set up a dino-themed photo booth with props for memorable team photos.

For Casual Get-Togethers:

  • Dino Movie Night: Arrange an outdoor screening of popular dinosaur movies under the stars.
  • Dinosaur Costume Contest: Encourage guests to dress up and award prizes for the best costumes.

Our Florida Dinosaur Party Theme is not just a celebration but an adventure into the prehistoric world. Book now for an unforgettable experience!

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For more information and to reserve your dinosaur-themed event, use Slumberr’s online chat or contact us at (863) 430-5070. Let’s make your event a roaring success!