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Minion Themed Party

Minion Themed Party

Despicable Me fun! Make minion mayhem with DIY minion goggles, banana treats, and a piñata shaped like Gru’s gadget!


Banana-licious Birthday Bash: A Minion Themed Party Extravaganza!

Prepare for a celebration filled with laughter, silliness, and everyone’s favorite mischievous little sidekicks – Minions! This minion themed party is the perfect way to unleash the fun and create unforgettable memories for your little one and their friends.

Transforming Your Space: A Minion Paradise

Set the scene for a minion takeover! Decorate your space with yellow and blue streamers, balloons, and minion silhouettes. Hang playful banners with minion catchphrases like “Po-ta-to!” and “Bee-do-bee-do-bee-do!” Create a designated “craft corner” for minion-inspired activities.

Minion Mayhem: Fun Activities and Games

  • DIY Minion Goggles: Set up a crafting station with yellow construction paper, elastic bands, and googly eyes for guests to create their very own minion goggles.
  • Pin the Goggles on the Minion: Play a classic game with a minion twist! Blindfold guests and have them try to stick minion goggles on a picture of Gru.
  • Banana Bowling Bonanza: Set up a simple bowling alley using empty plastic water bottles as pins and a small beach ball as the bowling ball. Award prizes for strikes and spares!
  • Minions on the Move: Organize a fun dance party with energetic music. Encourage guests to get silly and mimic minion movements.

Fuel for Minions: Despicable Delights

Prepare a spread of delicious minion-themed treats. Think banana cupcakes with yellow frosting and chocolate chip “eyes,” pretzel rods dipped in yellow candy melts and decorated with googly eyes to look like minions, or even serve sliced bananas with a fun “minion fruit dip.”

Piñata Paradise: A Gru-some Finale

No party is complete without a piñata! Find a piñata shaped like Gru’s iconic freeze ray or a giant minion for a thrilling and laughter-filled finale. Fill it with candies, small toys, and maybe even some mini bananas for a truly minion-tastic surprise.

Memories in the Making: The Photo Booth

Capture all the minion mayhem with a whimsical photo booth. Hang a backdrop featuring Gru’s lab or a minion horde. Provide fun props like oversized goggles, pool noodles painted yellow, and banana hats for hilarious and adorable photo ops.

A Despicably Delightful Farewell

As the party winds down, hand out small party favors like minion candies, bubbles, or yellow bouncy balls. Most importantly, send your little minions home with a heart full of laughter and memories of a minion-tastic birthday bash!

So, crank up the upbeat tunes, get ready for some silly fun, and throw a minion themed party that will leave everyone saying “Bee-do-bee-do-bee-do” for days to come!