Slumber Party Teepee Rentals

Slumberr makes hosting a party hassle and stress-free. We set up, style, and then collect our stuff the next day. Slumberr will take your child’s sleepover to the next level and make it Instagram-worthy. Simply choose your package to pair with our cute teepees and we will take care of the rest. Every detail of our Sleepover Slumber Parties creates a Magical Slumber.
Also remember, we do not charge a travel fee for Lakeland and other cities within 20 miles of Winter Haven, FL.

What's included in each
Teepee set?

Slumber Party Teepee Rental Prices

BFF Party

2 Complete Tent Sets
$ 200
  • 2 Teepees
  • 2 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 2 Blankets & Pillows
  • 2 Garlands
  • 2 Fairy Lights
  • 2 Bed Trays
  • 2 Sleep Masks

Friendship Pack

3 Complete Tent Sets
$ 280
  • 3 Teepees
  • 3 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 3 Blankets & Pillows
  • 3 Garlands
  • 3 Fairy Lights
  • 3 Bed Trays
  • 3 Sleep Masks

Party of 4

4 Complete Tent Sets
$ 350
  • 4 Teepees
  • 4 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 4 Blankets & Pillows
  • 4 Garlands
  • 4 Fairy Lights
  • 4 Bed Trays
  • 4 Sleep Masks

Party of 5

5 Complete Tent Sets
$ 385
  • 5 Teepees
  • 5 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 5 Blankets & Pillows
  • 5 Garlands
  • 5 Fairy Lights
  • 5 Bed Trays
  • 5 Sleep Masks

Party of 6

6 Complete Tent Sets
$ 425
  • 6 Teepees
  • 6 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 6 Blankets & Pillows
  • 6 Garlands
  • 6 Fairy Lights
  • 6 Bed Trays
  • 6 Sleep Masks

Party of 7

7 Complete Tent Sets
$ 525
  • 7 Teepees
  • 7 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 7 Blankets & Pillows
  • 7 Garlands
  • 7 Fairy Lights
  • 7 Bed Trays
  • 7 Sleep Masks

Party of 8

8 Complete Tent Sets
$ 600
  • 8 Teepees
  • 8 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 8 Blankets & Pillows
  • 8 Garlands
  • 8 Fairy Lights
  • 8 Bed Trays
  • 8 Sleep Masks

Party of 9

9 Complete Tent Sets
$ 675
  • 9 Teepees
  • 9 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 9 Blankets & Pillows
  • 9 Garlands
  • 9 Fairy Lights
  • 9 Bed Trays
  • 9 Sleep Masks

Ultimate Party

10 Complete Tent Sets
$ 750
  • 10 Teepees
  • 10 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 10 Blankets & Pillows
  • 10 Garlands
  • 10 Fairy Lights
  • 10 Bed Trays
  • 10 Sleep Masks


Don’t see a theme you like? Don’t worry contact us and we can do a custom theme! 

Glow in the dark Slumber Party theme

Glow in the dark Unicorn Theme

We can make any glow in the dark theme for your party!

Slumberr Party with small teepees and fairy light decorations

Chill Vibes Only Theme

Immerse yourself this zen birthday theme. Add our grass rug to make the vibe official.

Glow in the dark party. Multiple teepees lined up next to each other decorated with glow in the dark decorations.

Gamer Party Theme

Perfect for your little gamer. Add a glow bundle to light up your party!

5 teepees set up inside a living room with squishmellows and party trays.

Squishmellow Theme

I am pretty sure everyone is obsessed with squishmellows. Thats why this theme is perfect for a birthday bash.

teepee sets

Dinosaur Party Theme

Have a roaring time with a dino-packed theme! Dinosaur lighting and other carnivorous items!

teepee sets

Unicorn Party Theme

Immerse yourself in a pink fluffy wonderland of a magical unicorn theme teepee party. It's so fluffy!!

Dance decorations strung up at a slumber party in a room full of teepees.

Dance Party Theme

A perfect theme for your little dancer and her squad!

teepee sets

Hocus Pocus Theme

Book your Hocus Pocus party just in time for the new Hocus Pocus 2 releases! Its perfect for a movie watch party!

teepee sets

Vampire Diaries Theme

This theme is perfect for a night of binge watching vampire diaires. Dont forget to add blood bags & the glow bundle to your party. It makes this a true vampire night!

teepee sets

Camping Party Theme

Enjoy a night of fun with our camping theme.

teepee sets

Nightmare before christmas Theme

This Halloween enjoy a nightmare of a time with this theme. Don't forget to add the glow bundle to your party!

teepee sets

Sparky Teepee Theme

Perfect for your little diva who wants a sparkly party! We can custom these teepees to any theme. mermaid, unicorn or even a new theme.

teepee sets

Holiday Theme

Why not celebrate a holiday coming up. Or maybe your birthday is so close you wanted a holiday theme party!

teepee sets

Llama Party Theme

A glam llama & pajamas theme.

A large glass room filled up with teepee rentals next to each other. European themed decorations with table trays and mattresses.

Night In Paris Theme

Eiffel tower pillows, pink and stripe-colored teepees. Let's immerse into pairs land for a night!

Three teepees lined up next to eachother with boho themed decorations and pillows.

Boho Rainbow Party Theme

Pastel pinks and rainbow vibes only for this party!

Purple and blue mermaid themed teepees with table trays and mattresses

Mermaid Party Theme

Tails of this perfect birthday will be the talk of all your mer-friends after having a sea of a time with our mermaid theme.

teepee sets

Glow Party Theme

Time to Glow up & shine with this Glow Party! Add our extra black light for a really Glowing party!

Christmas themed teepee tents with Santa and elf pillows.

Christmas Squishmellow Theme

Enjoy the holidays with this christmas squishmellow theme!

teepee sets

Minecraft Gamer Party Theme

Perfect for your little gamer! Add a glow light bundle to make this party light up!

Christmas themed teepee tents with Grinch and reindeer pillows.

Grinch Holiday Theme

Christmas party, birthday party or just to snuggle up & drink hot coco and enjoy Christmas movies this grinch theme is perfect theme for you.

Still Need an answer?

Teepee Party

Our most popular service for Lakeland, Tampa and Orlando Florida Birthday Parties. Throw a slumber party with all your friends.

Glamping Bell Tent

Rent our 20' x 10' bell tent to complete your party! Decorate inside and sleep in it that night!

Luxury Outdoor Picnic

Pair our Glamping Bell Tent Experience up with a Luxurious Outdoor Picnic to have everyone Jelly

Outdoor Movie

Take your party outside with a 25' inflatable movie screen and any movie you request on a usb drive!

Build-A-Bear Table

Build a lifetime friend and recieve a birth certificate at your home!

Slime Table Party

Throw an unforgettable slime party at your home with all your friends!