Slumberr Teepee sets

Slumberr makes hosting a party hassle and stress-free. We set up, style, and then collect our stuff the next day. Slumberr will take your child’s sleepover to the next level and make it Instagram-worthy. Simply choose your package to pair with our cute teepees and we will take care of the rest. Every detail of our Sleepover Slumber Parties creates a Magical Slumber.

What's included in each set?

Pricing Packages

BFF Party

2 Complete Tent Sets
$ 200
  • 2 Teepees
  • 2 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 2 Blankets & Pillows
  • 2 Garlands
  • 2 Fairy Lights
  • 2 Bed Trays
  • 2 Sleep Masks

Friendship Pack

3 Complete Tent Sets
$ 280
  • 3 Teepees
  • 3 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 3 Blankets & Pillows
  • 3 Garlands
  • 3 Fairy Lights
  • 3 Bed Trays
  • 3 Sleep Masks

Glam Party

4 Complete Tent Sets
$ 350
  • 4 Teepees
  • 4 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 4 Blankets & Pillows
  • 4 Garlands
  • 4 Fairy Lights
  • 4 Bed Trays
  • 4 Sleep Masks

Party of 5

5 Complete Tent Sets
$ 385
  • 5 Teepees
  • 5 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 5 Blankets & Pillows
  • 5 Garlands
  • 5 Fairy Lights
  • 5 Bed Trays
  • 5 Sleep Masks

Ultimate Party

10 Complete Tent Sets
$ 750
  • 10 Teepees
  • 10 Mattresses & Mattress Sheets
  • 10 Blankets & Pillows
  • 10 Garlands
  • 10 Fairy Lights
  • 10 Bed Trays
  • 10 Sleep Masks

Glow in the dark Unicorn

We can make any glow in the dark theme for your party!

Dinosaur Party

Have a roaring time with a dino-packed theme! Dinosaur lighting and other carnivorous items!

Glow Party

Time to Glow up & shine with this Glow Party! Add our extra black light for a really Glowing party!

Boho Rainbow

Pastel pinks and rainbow vibes only for this party!

Chill Vibes Only

Immerse yourself this zen birthday theme. Add our grass rug to make the vibe official.

Unicorn Party

Immerse yourself in a pink fluffy wonderland of a magical unicorn theme teepee party. It's so fluffy!!

Dance Theme

A perfect theme for your little dancer and her squad!

Llama Theme

A glam llama & pajamas theme.

Gamer Party

Perfect for your little gamer. Add a glow bundle to light up your party!

Holiday Theme

Why not celebrate a holiday coming up. Or maybe your birthday is so close you wanted a holiday theme party!

Mermaid Party

Tails of this perfect birthday will be the talk of all your mer-friends after having a sea of a time with our mermaid theme.

Minecraft Theme

Perfect for your little gamer! Add a glow light bundle to make this party light up!

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Teepee FAQ

We aim to provide a hassle-free experience and delight our clients. In preparation for our arrival, on the day of your sleepover, you will need to clear the party room. Then simply leave the rest to us.

Before your guests arrive, we will deliver, assemble the setup. Beautifully decorated to perfection with bedding, pillows, fairy lights, and garland. Then when you’ve finished, we will come back the next day to pack it all up, leaving you with only happy memories to cherish forever.

We will agree on a tentative delivery time with you and confirm this with you a few days before your event. We generally allow 60-90 minutes for a party set up for 6 – 10 teepees, and 45 – 60 minutes for party pack down.

We make booking a slumber party with us, easy! If you are in Florida and live nearby the Tampa Bay, Cocoa Beach, Lakeland, or Orlando area, we have you covered! Jump over to our Booking page to get started! 

We require a Non-Refundable deposit of $100 to book your party. The remaining balance for the party is to be paid no later than seven days before the party. (7 days prior to the party date. For bookings made less than 7 days prior to the party date, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Life happens if you have to cancel and reschedule, we ask for 2 week’s notice and we can book another date that’s available within 90 days of the original party date, otherwise, the deposit fee will be forfeited.

Our minimum is 2 teepee sets.

Before you book with slumber please make sure you have enough room, a clean and safe area for kids to stay. Our Teepee setup is 46(w) x 75(L). Our mattresses inside the tent are twin size if that helps. It’s the client’s responsibility to measure the room to make sure the tents will fit and have the space cleared out for setting up.

**We do not move furniture.**
Outdoor Glamping Tent –  The tent is around 7ft dept 3ft width, and about 5 feet high.  The tent requires 21-23ft area for staking.

Absolutely. You will need to check that the party room is cleared in preparation for our arrival and you will also need to ensure that the venue is aware of our arrival and provides adequate loading/unloading facilities and access to the party room.

We base mileage fees on the suggested routes of which applies to areas located 25 miles outside of 33880. Since we make 2 round trips to your location, one for setting up and one for pick up, we must charge a travel fee.

Area codes up to 20 miles – Free
Area codes between 20-50 miles – $50
Area codes over 50-100 miles – $100
Further than 100 miles of 33880 Contact us directly to discuss rates. We may be able to work out a price.

Not at all. We have experiences for adults, families, and kids of all ages. We’ve hosted everything from Mommy & Me, family night, Sleep Overs, to Ladies Night Dinner Parties. Our experiences are tailored to your needs and we ensure everything is age appropriate.