Minecraft Party Theme


Enter the pixelated world of our Florida Minecraft Party Theme! Ideal for gamers, corporate events, and fun gatherings, featuring Minecraft-inspired setups and interactive activities. For reservations, use Slumberr’s online chat or call (863) 430-5070. Embark on your Minecraft adventure today!



Embark on an epic adventure with our Florida Minecraft Party Theme! This immersive package is ideal for gaming enthusiasts, corporate team-building events, or casual gatherings. Featuring Minecraft-inspired decorations and interactive gaming elements, it’s designed to create an engaging pixelated world.

  • Ultimate Party: Transform your venue into a Minecraft universe with our ‘Ultimate Party’ setup, complete with themed decorations and interactive stations.
  • Minecraft Gaming Stations: Set up gaming areas with Minecraft for guests to play, build, and explore together.
  • Interactive Minecraft Challenges: Include activities like a Minecraft scavenger hunt, pixel art competitions, or a virtual building contest.
  • DIY Party Pickup: Customize your event with our DIY Party Pickup, allowing you to set up your Minecraft-themed party effortlessly.

For Children’s Parties:

  • Minecraft Crafting Station: Set up a crafting area for kids to create their own Minecraft-themed items, like swords or shields from cardboard.
  • Pixelated Photo Booth: Create a photo booth with Minecraft props and backdrops for fun and memorable pictures.

For Corporate Events:

  • Team-Building Minecraft Quests: Organize team-building activities within the Minecraft game, promoting collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Minecraft Trivia: Host a trivia session based on Minecraft knowledge, fostering team competition and engagement.

For Casual Get-Togethers:

  • Minecraft Movie Screening: Screen Minecraft-themed movies or documentaries for a relaxed viewing experience.
  • Minecraft-Inspired Snacks: Serve food and drinks styled to look like items from the Minecraft world, adding a creative touch to your menu.

Our Florida Minecraft Party Theme is not just a celebration but an interactive gaming journey. Book now for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Minecraft!

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For more information and to reserve your gaming event, use Slumberr’s online chat or contact us at (863) 430-5070. Let’s create an epic Minecraft experience!”