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Unboxing Joy: Create your Own Build-A-Bear Adventure with our Slumber Party Box

Unboxing Joy: Create your Own Build-A-Bear Adventure with our Slumber Party Box

Experience a magical slumber party with our Lakeland Bell Tent.

Bring the Build-A-Bear Workshop to your home with our very own Slumber Party Box! Imagine all of the fun and creativity that awaits with every unboxing. Whether you’re looking for an incredible birthday surprise or simply a unique way to spend quality time with the kids, our Build-A-Bear box is here to bring you the most captivating and heartfelt experience. At first glance, you’ll find a vibrant and joyful box that’s sure to draw excitement from any kid! Each box holds a variety of activities and supplies, all designed to provide hours of creative fun and unique bonding moments. From building your own stuffed animal to decorating it with special fabric markers, this box holds all the essentials for a truly magical afternoon. Plus, you can even write down a special wish and place it inside the plushy with the included heart! With our Build-A-Bear box, your loved ones will be able to create a cuddly companion that will be forever cherished. Or throw your own bear-a-bear party at home with our boxes.

What’s Included in the Slumber Party Box

Our Slumber Party Box is overflowing with fun and unique activities, perfect for a day of exploring and creating. The box contains everything needed for a special bear-building experience, from the plushy to the decorations. Here’s what you’ll find when you open the Build-A-Bear box:

  • A lovable plush animal to name and build

  • High-quality stuffing to bring your bear to life

  • A t-shirt for personalized decoration

  • Two fabric markers for customizing your bear’s look

  • A heart to make a special wish

  • An official birth certificate to name your new companion
Everything you need to build a charming and cuddly companion is right here in the Build-A-Bear box. With the right supplies, your loved ones can create something truly special — and that’s what makes the Build-A-Bear box so unique. The box is perfect for throwing your own slumber party for an unforgettable afternoon of crafting and bonding.

How to Make Your Bear Truly Unique

Make your Build-A-Bear truly special with our fabric markers and t-shirts. With a variety of colors and designs, you can create an unforgettable look for your new companion. Use the markers to add patterns, stripes, and polka dots. The possibilities are endless! You can also customize your bear’s look with the included t-shirts. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to bring your bear to life. From superhero logos to cartoon characters, you can find something special for your new companion. With this variety of options, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind look for your furry friend.

Fun Ideas for Games and Activities

Once your bear is built, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Our Build-A-Bear box also comes with a variety of activities and games designed to keep your loved ones entertained. Here are some of our favorite activities to keep the fun going:

  • Play dress-up with the t-shirt, fabric markers, and other items in the box. Create a unique look for your bear and have a fashion show.Organize a treasure hunt around the house with clues and items that lead to your bear. Have a picnic and let the bear join in. Make it extra special by creating a blanket and bringing some of your bear’s favorite snacks. Throw a Build-A-Bear birthday party for your furry friend! Have a special cake, sing happy birthday, and open gifts.
These activities provide a great way to spend quality time with the kids and make some extra special memories. Our Build-A-Bear box is the perfect way to make your own unique adventure and create something that will be forever cherished.

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Build-A-Bear Slumber Party

Message us and we can give you a bulk Build-A-Bear box which is perfect for hosting your own special slumber party. Here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Let us know how many guests, and we can customize the party box to fit your needs.
  • Set a specific start and finish time for the party.
  • Be sure to have enough supplies for everyone.
  • Provide snacks and drinks for all the guests.
  • Create an upbeat atmosphere with music and decorations.
  • Have a variety of activities and games for the guests to enjoy.
  • Be sure to have a camera on hand to capture all of the fun.
These tips can help you host a truly magical and unforgettable slumber party with our Build-A-Bear box. With this box, you can create a special experience that will be remembered for years to come. Unlock the enchantment of creating your very own furry friend with our Build-A-Bear box. With our box, you can bring the Build-A-Bear Workshop right to your doorstep for a special and huggable experience. Each box comes with everything needed to create a unique and lovable companion, from the plushy to the decorations. Plus, you can even throw your own bear-a-slumber party with our box!

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